Listing Your House vs Selling to Us

Welcome back good people of Arizona as we have a really good topic as this is the question that I am asked time and again so let’s begin. So George, what can you tell me about listing my house versus selling it to Cash Now Homes? What’s the difference as a sale is a sale is a sale. Well that is a fair question and very happy you asked me about how to sell your house in Phoenix Arizona because I have the answers that you came looking for.

Listing your house for sale in Phoenix is fine and dandy if you have the following things all squared away and ready to sell so let’s take a look at some of the more appealing items on the to do list when prepping a house for sale.

Repairs as I have been told time and again should be the new four letter word in the dictionary (according to my client base) but if your house is not fully renovated/repaired when you are ready to sell, you will not get top dollar regardless of what your friends and neighbors to include our trusty friend Zillow states because the price of your house would be incorrect as repairs cost money and it lowers the value of your home like it or not (I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we believe in telling the truth at Cash Now Homes.)

Listing it on the MLS also has its drawbacks as the house could just sit there and gather dust and that is not even mentioning all the mortgage payments you will continue to make because it is priced wrong and that is a major mistake that I see in Metro Phoenix and beyond which will end up costing you money and is that what you really want? I should hope not because no one wants to lose their hard earned cash because it is hard to come by.

Let’s say you go ahead and list it with a licensed real estate agent and think of all the showings and headaches that it brings which I just know that you want to avoid at all costs. Really now, who wants complete strangers in their house each and every week poking around and that’s if the house is priced right so that is food for thought.

So now that I have given you some things to think about when it comes to listing your house for sale in Phoenix, let’s talk about all the wonderful things that Cash Now Homes can provide for you and I do mean you!

We can buy your house cash and close in a matter of days without any inspections (contingencies is the fancy term) which means no hassles or out of pocket expenses trying to repair your house to meet a certain standard.

It is the quickest route to selling your house in Phoenix with the least amount of headaches and we will give you a fair price based on market value

I see many scenarios where our clients have had a job relocation, divorce, medical issue, death of a loved one or just facing a potential foreclosure and that is where Cash Now Homes comes to the rescue with plenty of hard earned advice through the many years of experience that we have acquired and will present you with many options which you as the seller deserve and should expect.

I also see the following scenario where you just bought a house and it is currently in escrow and you are trying to time the sale of your old house and purchase of the new house but it is contingent on your old house selling and jeez does this create undue financial stress for folks that I run into repeatedly and of course Cash Now Homes can and does speed up the process by making you a fair cash offer without you worrying about anything other than moving on to your new home.

Last but not least is one where I run into all the time and that is you owning a rental property and wanting to sell it and it happens to be tenant occupied and talk about a complete bummer. Just think that you have to do repairs, take photos for your listing and on top of all that, you have to worry about scheduling with tenants living in your property and just try not to tell me that isn’t super complicated. Why go through this hassle because all you have to do is call Cash Now Homes and we will take care of this so you can move on with your life.

Okay folks, I think I got my point across when it comes to listing vs selling your home in Phoenix Arizona so don’t forget, Cash Now Homes is happy to be of service so all you have to do is contact us by phone or email and we will be there for you with great advice and plenty of options.


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