My Phoenix Absentee Homeowner Property Tenants Keep Causing Property Damage and What Can I Do About It?

That is a very good question and I’ve received lots of questions about this unwanted scenario because Cash Now Homes are cash buyers in Phoenix AZ and are very familiar with all the repercussions when it comes to rentals and do give lots of advice to metro Phoenix absentee homeowners when asked how to deal with tenants and the options that are available to them (we are not lawyers as a disclaimer) when they see our advertising and the complete story comes out when we ask them why they are wanting to sell their house fast in Phoenix. Furthermore, we at Cash Now Homes felt that this is the number one concern for all of our clients (regardless if we buy their houses fast in Phoenix Arizona or not) and we thought we would share our hard earned advice (we are no strangers to tenant issues as we have had rental issues of our own and have learned the best possible avenues to resolution) to ponder one’s absentee homeowner’s predicament so let’s get started.

First and foremost, document every interaction you have with the tenant as every piece of documentation will prove invaluable when you go to small claims court (if it gets that far) but of course there is the landlord agreement with the tenant and you should go over all the rules and what is acceptable and not acceptable and get their signature first before anything else. Furthermore, you need to take an inventory of the property and make sure to take pictures as photographic evidence is a must and make sure to date it and sign it before the tenant moves in which will serve as empirical evidence in case there is property damage and you need to go to court. Also, examples of inventory should include all walls, carpeted areas and any and all furnishings such as furniture and appliances and consider this rule number one as this is an absolute must and you would be surprised at how lax Metro Phoenix Absentee Homeowner’s are in their approach to renting their properties and more importantly, the absolute shock that a tenant would not only NOT take care of their property but destroy it as well and this scenario abounds throughout Metro Phoenix and what we run into quite a bit and hence the reason, I am writing this article because I want to educate and help Phoenix absentee homeowners whenever possible and we at Cash Now Homes have decided that our blog will be of service to the Metro Phoenix community by writing about any and all issues that come to the forefront and concerns our clients and potential clients.

Lest I forget, make it absolutely clear that the tenant agrees (if they so choose to) that they have received the rental property in excellent condition and that you will do a walk through at the end of the rental lease agreement and get their signature as well so you have empirical evidence if there is damage to your rental property. In other words, the “before and after” scenario which you will go through again and again as long as you are the owner of this Phoenix rental property. Furthermore, a very popular question is potential landlord tenant disputes and what to do in case litigation cannot be avoided and our simple answer to communicate effectively and efficiently. Some of the potential landlord tenant disputes that create this unneeded and unwanted scenario are below and the most common ones that we see when Phoenix absentee homeowners contact us (to see about us buying their Phoenix property) as their story is told when we start asking simple questions about the property so see below:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Tenants’ Rights
  • Responsibility for repairs to the property
  • Rent
  • Eviction

So in order to avoid a hefty lawyer and court bill, you should communicate effectively with the tenant to make sure that small claims court is avoided as I have provided some helpful advice below for you to ponder before legal action becomes a reality:

  • Make sure to study the lease contract thoroughly and be well versed of your legal rights and the responsibilities according to the local, state and federal laws in place that you have to comply with as a Phoenix absentee homeowner/landlord.
  • It there is a problem on either side (landlord/tenant), reach out to the other party immediately and be honest about the actual scenario that brought about this communication because in the end the truth always comes out in small claims court if comes to litigation which should be avoided at all costs if possible.
  • Always document, document, document any and all communication and correspondence regarding any problems with the property or the tenancy.

I hope this helps as we are just getting started on articles pertaining to Phoenix Absentee Homeowners issues on our Cash Now Homes Blog and we look forward to sharing it with you as helping our clients is our number one concern and mission statement at Cash Now Homes.

Warm Regards,

George Aplicano

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