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Who is George Aplicano?

Born in Gardena California and raised in Ontario, Ca. George  grew  up in a modest income family. His father was an entrepreneur and his mother was there for support and a dedicated hard worker for the family. His father was also the sole provider and his mother was his partner and did everything he did plus take care of the house. Now George has his lovely wife Gladys and 2 children, Diego and Mia and truly cherishes the responsibilites of having a family of his own and very appreciative of the family values imbued upon him by his parents so that he too can hand down the core values to his children in order to achieve a happy and successful life.

George started his real estate career as a loan officer. His thought was that if he understood finance that he would be able to understand how to make deals in real estate. What he found was that people needed help in understanding their finances. Even more when they were getting a loan for a house. He also introduced them to budgeting, staying within their means and above all teaching them not to overspend and start to save for the future by paying more to the mortgage in order to pay off the balance sooner so they can be in a better equity position going forward in order to secure their future.

He has been involved with finance for 22 years but real estate is his passion and being creative on how deals are structured and seeing the success of each person involved was what he strives for in every deal. His attention to details are what brings success to his customers but what matters more is that they call him a friend is what he feels is the true gift of this business and makes this business so special.



The reason why I got into this business is so I could make money but really it so I can establish a solid foundation of financial independence for my family.

 I am doing this because I believe I can make a difference in people’s lives where they may have been taken advantage of or not been given the benefit of the doubt.

What I believe in:

I believe in the importance of relationships……We are on a path and people will come into your life and leave but I want to be remembered as the one person that when they needed someone to come through. All the while they are truly appreciated.

I believe there is a better way to do business and a much faster and easier process to sell your house. With the technology we have available to us now why should we not be able to move real estate as simple as swiping your ATM/Debit card or Apple pay.

I believe in people…

In everything we do, in everything we think about and in everything that is around us a person was involved. Our employees, our sellers, our buyers, our vendors are all people and we need to take care of them so they can take care of us.

Warmest Regards,

George Aplicano

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