Let me share this with you that as a pet lover, it always bothers me to no end when I have to discuss this uncalled for scenario with my Metro Phoenix absentee homeowners/landlords/clients as the pets are absolutely innocent and a true blessing from the heavens. Now that we have gotten this cleared up (I know you were thinking that I was one of those insensitive Phoenix Real Estate Investor types that dislikes pets and only cares about the money but on the contrary folks, you are wrong and I will provide the information that you came for so let’s move on.)

Let’s talk about pet policies (I’ve been bombarded with this question for the last few months so I decided to write about it) that you need to put in place before you allow a tenant to move in otherwise you will live to regret it, trust me I know from experience and that’s the type of experience you definitely want to avoid because those loveable rascals aka pets can do some serious damage to your Metro Phoenix property in more ways than one so please pay attention to the following details.

A Great Pet Policy to Have In Place for the Reasons Below:

  • It protects the property
  • Complies with insurance in place
  • It will keep your tenants extremely safe and happy
  • No pets allowed policies should be clearly stated on the contract with the tenant

What are some of the potential caveats that you will encounter even with having a “no pets allowed” policy in place. Great question and I have an answer based on unwanted experience. You will encounter a tenant who decides that they don’t like your policy and sneak in their loveable pet regardless of the rules in place that they agreed to.  How can you spot this blatant disregard for the rules?

Usually unauthorized pets are discovered by the property management folks doing their routine inspections or by the maintenance folks who discover the pet when repairing an issue in the home. And last but not least, a neighboring tenant will always let you know what is going on because they can hear the pet barking loudly through the walls and annoying them hence the unpleasant phone call you will receive and I emphasize unpleasant. In essence, sooner or later, the unauthorized pet will be identified and then you will have to confront your tenant so what are some steps to follow with the least amount of hassle? Aren’t we on top of our game because that is a great question but before I give you some steps to follow, we should mentally prepare for the “talk with the tenant about their current unauthorized situation” and behave in a rather diplomatic fashion because understanding our tenants and providing a solution allows for a positive experience for all.

Furthermore, landlords and the property management team need to handle the situation legally and professionally. Well that’s fine George but how? Once again, great question and you need to show the tenant the lease agreement in the most polite fashion possible as your tenant already has an emotional bond with the pet and this can create unneeded conflict which we should avoid at all costs especially in today’s day and age with access to weapons. Furthermore, the lease agreement should be immediately reviewed with the tenant and it should clearly state your pet-policy and absolute ramifications if this policy is broken and what will happen if an unauthorized pet is discovered so stick to your lease agreement and make sure to state this is considered a “breach of contract per the no pet policy in place.” Make sure to convey this information in the most compassionate way possible as that emotional bond with a pet can really do a number on folks and they just might lose their good sense from time to time and quite frankly, not a pleasant experience if you catch my subtle drift. I’ve added some further steps below that you might find rather useful.

  • Get photographic evidence first and foremost if at all possible.
  • Once this is complete, follow through on the terms of your agreement.
  • Send your tenant an official notice stating that there is a lease violation and or a breach of the pet policy in place.
  • Set a timeline for removal of the unauthorized pet but this agreement is completely and unequivocally dependent on Arizona state law to include the details in the agreement so be truly aware before you say anything to the tenant.
  • And last but not least, let the tenant know that if he or she does not comply with the lease agreement, you will start the eviction process which is never a win-win situation for the tenant or Phoenix absentee homeowner/landlord.

I truly hope that you found this article helpful as I wanted to provide some much needed tips to handle this rather unwanted scenario. Please contact us if you need our services and or assistance as Cash Now Homes is here to help you and provide the absolute best client-centric real estate investment services in Phoenix Arizona and beyond.

Warm Regards,

George Aplicano

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