I run across these statements online all the time and quite frankly I find it rather annoying myself and I’m going to give you an explanation on what this “Sell your House Fast in Phoenix” really means and what these real estate investment businesses actually provide so that you have a more concrete understanding and can judge for yourself if you happen to be in this situation. Furthermore, I will be clarifying a jumbled landscape of nonsense and half-truths online about this stuff in order to bring some rhyme and reason to the online real estate process.

What makes you so qualified to tell me George? Glad that you asked that question and I can personally state without any hesitation that I have the needed experience to understand what “creative real estate” truly means and the many avenues that a hard working person in the great state of Arizona has so let’s get started and I look forward to clearing up this “Sell Your House Fast in Phoenix” smoke screen nonsense that we all run across while online when trying to sell your house under less than ideal circumstances.

Let’s talk about what Creative Real Estate is and its many definitions as that is what these so-called “sell your house Phoenix” real estate investor types really mean so please continue reading as we greatly appreciate you making it this far in this much needed article that will give you a sense of clarity if you find that you need our services at Cash Now Homes and feel absolutely assured that we are completely and unequivocally client-centric so you will be in good hands should it come to that. Alright then George, enough already let’s get started and on that note, away we go as the good people of Arizona have spoken!!



What in tarnation is Creative Real Estate?

Well for starters, let’s talk about one popular avenue for creative real estate types known as wholesaling houses. Furthermore, real estate wholesaling occurs when a party (the “wholesaler”) contracts with a home seller, markets the home to potential buyers, and then assigns the contract to one of them. The wholesaler makes a profit, which is the difference between the contracted price with the seller and the amount paid by the buyer. At this point, you are probably wondering why a homeowner would do this and not want to get top dollar doing this traditionally with a real estate agent also known as traditional real estate? Well just look at the examples below and see if you might know someone that this has happened to as it is a “Fact of Life” like it or not and that is why we at Cash Now Homes can help you in your time of need if it has come down to this so keep reading folks as this is the first of many articles that will demystify this whole real estate process in today’s day and age. In fact, I’ve decided that I will do a Part 1 and Part 2 series (more golden nuggets to come in the near future) as it is too much information to cover all at once as I believe in quality over quantity.

Q: What does Fast Cash Mean When It Comes to Selling Your House?
A: We provide quick offers and closings to satisfy immediate cash needs. If needing to sell your house quickly in Phoenix for cash to handle any debts or obligations, fast, we can absolutely help you!

Q: What does Trash or Junk Houses Mean?
A: If you have a trash or junk house needing to be sold quickly. We buy houses in any condition of disrepair and can get out of trouble in a hurry based on your schedule.

Q: What does Pre-foreclosure Mean?
A: If you have a home in pre-foreclosure we can help you avoid an actual foreclosure or losing your house to an auction or bank repossession. Please contact us immediately to start the process.

Q: What does a Tax Lien or Levy Mean?
A: If you are behind on property taxes or federal taxes and need assistance selling or handling a tax issue, we can resolve it quickly so please contact us immediately as time is of the essence.

Q: What does a Landlord Sale Mean?
A: If you are a landlord and ready to sell your rental or out-of-state rental we will purchase your property and handle your needs regarding tenants in order to reduce the level of stress that comes with this scenario as we are experts at this.

Okay folks, I believe that this is good enough for now and will continue with Part 2 next week as I am fully committed to de-mystifying the online creative real estate process so that you can fully grasp what your options are and contact us immediately if you need our services as we at Cash Now Homes are here to help you in your time of need!

Warm Regards,
George Aplicano

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